The 2024 Saudi Super Cup Diriyah Cup concludes its competitions in Abu Dhabi


The 2024 Saudi Super Cup Diriyah Cup concludes its competitions in Abu Dhabi

The tournament recorded a large audience attendance of more than 60,000 fans

Abu Dhabi(News Desk):: concluded championship cup Diriyah For super Saudi 2024 competitions With a match arousing Expired With coronation a team club Crescent moon For a ball Foot A hero For the cup after His victory on a team club the Union With a score of 4-1 , And that in the match Final that It was erected evening day Thursday on Stadium Mohammed son Zayd in Abu Dhabi .

And it has I witnessed Championship that It continued on Orbit Two days presence Massively Big It exceeded 60 thousand fan, where Confirms success Championship Status Outstanding For the capital Emirati Abu Dhabi As a destination tourism Leader, And it enhances Its location As a center To host Most important Events Sports And entertainment Local And international . And it was  Goodbye. ” in Abu Dhabi  , Identity Tourist in circle the culture and tourism  Abu Dhabi, may be She won Givingly Hosting championship cup Diriyah For super Saudi To be held For the first Once in nation Arabic Outside The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia .

And in His comment on to organize Championship in Emirate Abu Dhabi, Confirm happiness Mohammed Abdullah Hazzam virtual, Secretary General For a union The UAE For a ball foot, that success that I achieved it championship cup Diriyah For super Saudi For this season, enhances account Successes that Check it out Capital Abu Dhabi in to organize Events sports, He said : “ I have I had luck Championship Carefully My fans And media big “.

He added : “ We congratulate you For a team club Crescent moon Title, And we thank all from situation His mark the beautiful in details this the event The athlete Important .” As price Secretary General The role Great that She got up with it circle the culture And tourism in Abu Dhabi in Success Super the ball Saudi Arabia . In turn, He said Salem Al-Dosari, leader a team club Al-Hilal : “ I have He was to organize Championship in Destination Prestigious Like Abu Dhabi an experience Distinctive, And we cherish By winning By match Final And he reaped nickname Championship And pregnancy the cup With us to The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia, where We will continue Celebration by this the win with masses the team in The kingdom, as We head out With thanks Thank you very much to all masses that I attended And she supported us in This is amazing Championship .”

And I witnessed Championship sharing Senior stars ball Foot from Highlight them Cristiano Ronaldo And generous Benzema to side Talents Regional like Salem Al-Dosari, And Abdul The Provider He praised God .

And it is considered championship cup Diriyah For super Saudi Latest





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