Dubai Future Foundation launches the second Design Gov Program –


Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) launches the second edition of the “Design Gov” program, which will involve government entities in designing strategies and initiatives that aim to make Dubai one of the most livable cities on earth.

Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of DFF, said: “This program will empower future government leaders with critical skills and tools, including design thinking, creativity, identifying opportunities and innovation, to develop novel models and then share them with the world.”

Belhoul reaffirmed that the success of government work focuses on utilizing national talents equipped with skills in design thinking and foreseeing the future, and turning any potential challenges into opportunities and deploying to serve the society.

Belhoul reiterated that the program is critical in empowering Dubai government entities to develop the skills of government employees in the field of human centered design, encouraging them to adopt creative thinking and empowering them with tools to shape the future of government work.

Held under the theme of “Leadership and Design”, the program will begin in July for 14 weeks, ending in October 2024. The program will include workshops, meetings and events locally and abroad. The deadline for registration is 12th May 2024.

In the second edition, participants will work in teams to put their new skills to the test by developing innovative concepts, designing future scenarios, prototyping government projects, initiatives and strategies, and identifying entities to ensure they achieve their project goals. The aim of the first phase is to encourage participants to network, introduce them to the program’s objectives and train them in design tools and their application in government.

The content of the “Design Gov” program was developed in cooperation with various government entities in the UAE as well as research and academic institutions around the world according to best international practices.

Its main goals are to foster a culture of creativity and proactive planning in government entities, empower national talents with skills related to innovation as well as support the development, launch and implementation of enhanced public services, initiatives and projects that enhance the future-readiness of Dubai and the UAE.

The UAE government launched the first ”Design Gov” Program in 2019 to promote the design of initiatives, policies and programs that support the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071.

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