DLD reduces real estate registration procedures to one step through one channel


Dubai Land Department, DLD, has provided a team to work directly from the real estate registration trustee centres to facilitate the completion of all real estate registration transactions with record speed, and enabling the appropriate investment climate for the real estate sector.

The team includes a manager and an auditor to provide easy and flexible services to customers, saving time and effort and providing simplified and flexible procedures. This step helps DLD excel over its peers from global investment destinations.

This service was launched at the beginning of March 2020, and the team’s role is to support customers and review and complete transactions simultaneously, thus achieving the slogan “complete your transaction in one step through one channel.”

Team members are also required to support the registration trustee centres through advanced and certified mechanisms to verify, review, and certify all the required information as well as confirm that they have the necessary powers to conclude all procedures and services provided in the registration trustee centres, including the issuance of title deeds.

Majid Saqr Al Marri, CEO of the Registration and Real Estate Services Sector at DLD, said, “We have achieved unprecedented success by developing an easy-to-use system that is available to all customers looking to obtain real estate registration services and through which they can choose and locate registration trustee offices. This will help strengthen Dubai’s position as a preferred real estate investment destination in the world that supports all parties in the local real estate market, to ensure their comfort and happiness.”

The process begins with the sellers and buyers at the real estate registration trustee centres; the required and valid legal documents must be submitted for review and approval as required. The DLD’s fees should be paid via a certified bank cheque, along with the fees of the real estate registration trustee via the payment portal. After completing some of the required procedures, the registration trustee will issue the title deed to the new owner.

To ensure customer happiness, DLD has developed a new and independent complaints mechanism related to real estate registration and survey maps in cooperation with Smart Dubai (complaints system), as it is the neutral and supervising authority when submitting customer complaints.

This service is part of the Smart Dubai initiative. In case of any defect, the customer can register a complaint against the registration trustee centre through
https://ecomplain.dubai.gov.ae, specifying its nature and providing all other details to handle the complaint and maintain the applicant’s confidentiality, with the possibility of the customer using the proposed solutions for specific problems until the complaint is resolved.

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