New Look & Feel of Cinnabon at the Mall of the Emirates


New Look & Feel of Cinnabon at the Mall of the Emirates

we are always striving to evolve our guest experience(Louay Ghandour)

Dubai(News Desk):: Cravia Group – the franchise operators of Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC), Zaatar w Zeit and Five Guys – has announced the reopening of its Cinnabon branch at the Mall of the Emirates (MOE), with a promise of new sweet moments to savor in a revamped space that elevates customers’ experience.
with Cinnabon and SBC together under one roof, the store offers the delicious taste of cinnamon rolls and authentic coffee in a cozy and modern setting to uplift spirits and indulge the senses.
Originally founded in Seattle, Washington in 1985, Cinnabon made an entry to the Emirati market back
in 2001 with its first bakery opening in Abu Dhabi Mall. UAE residents fell in love with the intense flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture of the brand’s signature cinnamon spiced rolls, while eagerly anticipating the new, limited-edition local flavors that Cinnabon usually introduces during Ramadan and Christmas.
The brand’s great success in the country led to a rapid expansion across the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ajman, where over 60 million rolls were served in 22 years to loyal customers, turning Cinnabon into the preferred premium bakery destination at malls across the UAE.
Today, the company operates 43 physical stores and cloud kitchens in the country, after evolving its brick-and-mortar business model to include high-quality catering services addressed to corporate customers and events, including home and office parties.
“At Cravia, we’re always striving to evolve our guest experience. Our innovation efforts are continuously geared towards enriching our customers’ lifestyle with delicious culinary choices that satisfy their cravings and foster good times with everyone they love”, said Louay Ghandour, Group Managing Director, Cravia. He added: “The revamped Cinnabon-SBC branch at the Mall of the Emirates now boasts a modern look and feel that will provide our customers with a casual break between shopping rounds in a homey space where they can enjoy their favorite treats and coffee. Their satisfaction is our top priority, that’s why we will continue to innovate and keep up with changing customers’ needs and industry trends, while franchising loved brands and creating our own home-grown brands to offer exciting flavors and experiences to discerned UAE customers”. Growing stronger over the last twenty-three years, Cinnabon spreads love and magic with every roll, indulging customers with enticing aromas, irresistible treats, and heartwarming moments.(ENDS):

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