Famous Balloon-man chose to stay in Dubai!

Alex Ostrovskiy – the one who was born to amaze and entertain


Famous Balloon-man chose to stay in Dubai!

Alex Ostrovskiy – the one who was born to amaze and entertain.

After a successful EXPO 2020 season, the famous “Balloon-man” has chose Dubai as his second home. Ukrainian Special Act Performer, who amazed the public in 23 countries and impressed America’s Got Talent judges, fell in love with the international spirit of the city.

Dubai(News Desk):: It is not easy to surprise the inhabitants of a metropolis, but Alex Ostrovsky makes it his career to SURPRISE and ENTERTAIN. A year ago on “America’s Got Talent” he surprised the world with “Flying Trumpets”, half a year ago, at EXPO 2020 DUBAI, the public fell in love with Balloon-man.

Alex Ostrovsky is from Ukraine, and he chose to live in Dubai.“I like everything in Dubai – the climate, people’s peace of mind due to the strict observance of the law, beauty of the city, and comfort. I often sincerely thank the rulers of the UAE for the wise and honest use of the funds from the resources of this region! I also like the multi-nationality of the city. It is interesting to observe the character of people from different parts of the world because the entire Earth is our home. I am also grateful to Dubai for the opportunity to develop as an artist, as they love live performances! I radiate here with love, joy and gratitude.”Alex Ostrovskiy is a professional entertainer with 27 years of work experience in 23 countries from Brazil to China.

He successfully performed at “EXPO 2020 DUBAI”, “America’s Got Talent 2021″, “Britain’s Got Talent 2020”, TV shows in Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. He is proud to be the Laureate of the International Festival of Humour and Variety Art.Every appearance of the Show-man at festivals, exhibitions, and parties, turns into a breath-taking and funny entertaining event. In Dubai Alex presents 5 unique show acts: “Balloon man”, “Slinky”, “Birds”, “Latinos band” and everyone’s favourite – “Soccer ball man”.

. Alex Ostrovskiy was BORN TO ENTERTAIN and SURPRISE, exactly what is Dubai looking for!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hURdiphpt0HaLZaD_dTUA/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0  

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/Ostrovsk https://www.instagram.com/balloon_man_dubai/

Contact: Alex Ostrovskiy, An artist of special act.Tel.+971 52 125 3063, WhatsApp +38 067 912 41 74, balloonmandubai@gmail.com

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