HH Group Launching “VIRTU” platform 1st Kind in Real-estate Investment


Hebashi Holding Group Launching “VIRTU” platform the First of Its Kind in the Real-estate Investment

In collaboration with the Leading Real-Estate companies in MENA region

Dubai(News Desk)::Hebashi Holding Group in collaboration with OTI Real Estate company, launched the first real estate investment platform in the Middle East, “VIRTU” which provides an investment opportunity for a wide range of customers and entrepreneurs, allowing partial or joint ownership of a group of properties that would make a real difference in the field of Real-Estate Investments.This project was launched from Dubai the Hub of the Middle East and attractive destination of Entrepreneurs, addressed to all countries in the region and in collaboration with the leading companies locally and regionally, such as Fadox and the Omani based Gulf Real Estate companies. This launch also won the confident of GAABU (the Arab African Union) and is going to be listed in the stock exchange market.

The unique platform “VIRTU” will provide investors and people looking for investments opportunities the ability to browse real estate and projects available on the platform with full details including the potential income and return from investments to these properties. “VIRTU” will allow the ownership starting from US$8000 and will open the owning of the properties in this project for unlimited number of properties.

Ahmad Shehata, a member of the board of Directors at Hebashi Group said: “We launched this project in cooperation with the leading companies in the region, to provide a model of real-estate investment experience that would double the returns for investors, and we are working constantly to apply this operational model and find out the different factors that would double those returns, so we focus on two factors: acquisition and management of property”.

“The total value of this project is about 200 Million US$ and so far 23 million US$ have been spent on 11 projects.” He added.

Dr. Sahar Al-Madani, the Executive Director of the Gulf Real Estate Group said that; “We are delighted with this cooperation and partnership alongside with a leading company in the field of real-estate in MENA, Hebashi Group is one of the largest real-estate companies that owns more than 23 companies worldwide. The “VIRTU” platform is one of the best promising projects in the real-estate investment, and it allows the purchase of several number of shares and thus this would help to diversify the investment.”

The platform “Virtu” grand customers many advantages, especially partial ownership of projects, and noting that the partial ownership provides an opportunity for small investors with limited capitals to engage in this luxury real-estate investment experience and its ownership. This type of investment is also a low-risk investment especially in time of crisis. The platform also places all information on the management and maintenance costs leases and the value of the investment for the owners to review before purchase. In addition to this, partial ownership contributes to diversifying the investors’ investment portfolio and helping him to purchase several properties instead of owning one.”, Added the CEO of FADOX Real-estate Group, Magdy Setih. The participating real estate companies are distinguished by their successful projects throughout the region. OTI Real Estate is one of the companies of the HHG Holding Group, from which “VIRTU” will purchase the properties and put them in the form of shares, so investors can buy it from anywhere in the world. OTI is one of the largest real-estate in Georgia. The FADOX group is the first strategic partner of the “VIRTU” project. The FADOX Group has significant strength and operational experience, as it has more than 10 years of experience in the real-estate business, investment and banking services as well as the group has experience in asset management and property rights, and financing international project and managing investments.

The Gulf Real-estate Company, which is one of the largest companies in the region with a headquarters in the Sultanate of Oman. It is the only and exclusive agent of the platform through which those wishing to invest can buy the shares offered by the platform smoothly and easily

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