Masterclasses led by global experts open new creative vistas at 2nd edition of the Arab Youth Media Forum – UAE


Experts from the world’s best-known media companies lend their unique insights on optimising the way we use technology to enrich creative content

Top media brands like Dolby, VFX Mojo, LinkedIn, META, YouTube, TikTok, X and Snapchat walk participants through their latest offerings

An exquisite assortment of masterclasses organised by the Dubai Press Club at the second edition of the Arab Youth Media Forum helped young participants to reimagine the ways in which they can get the most out of the technology and tools available from media platforms.

Experts from the world’s best-known media companies lent their unique insights and perspectives on optimising the way we use technology to create compelling content. The Arab Youth Media Forum, held today, formed part of the Arab Media Summit, which also includes the Arab Media Forum, the Arab Media Award, and the Arab Social Media Influencers Award.

Dr. Maitha Buhumaid, Director of the Dubai Press Club, expressed her appreciation  to its partners for delivering compelling masterclasses. She highlighted that the sessions have added significant value to the outcomes of the Arab Youth Media Forum. Dr. Buhumaid emphasised DPC’s commitment to collaborating with leading global media companies to support youth and equip them with the professional knowledge necessary to lead the development of the media sector and the creative skills needed to innovate.

Mahfoudha Saleh, Specialist, Media Talent Development, Dubai Press Club, and member of the Organising Committee of the Arab Media Forum, said: “The Arab Youth Media Forum was aimed at providing aspiring young media professionals all the encouragement and support they need to be successful. The Dubai Press Club, through these insightful masterclasses, aimed to ensure they are never short of motivation or the technology resources they need to chase their dreams.”

Saleh thanked all the partners associated with the masterclasses for their efforts to empower the young participants at the event. She expressed Dubai Press Club’s appreciation for their immense contributions in strengthening digital media and public engagement at various levels by enabling top quality content. Each of the partners expressed their hope for continued cooperation within a collaborative framework with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of young people to excel within the media industry.


The Dolby masterclass saw an expert from Dolby discuss ‘The Ultimate Sound and Vision Experience.’ Raby Hamza – Manager- Content & DCX MEA (Middle East & Africa), touched on how to draw one’s listeners and viewers closer and get them immersed in the story.

The 60-minute masterclass was targeted at media professionals aspiring to start their content creation journey or take it to the next level by adopting the latest sound and vision technologies including immersive audio and lifelike visual clarity. The masterclass also featured a demo session during which attendees experienced first-hand the impact of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Hamza said: “The Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision masterclass at the Arab Media Forum provided a comprehensive overview of these groundbreaking technologies, empowering media professionals with the knowledge and tools to elevate their content creation and delivery.”

VFX Mojo

A VFX Mojo masterclass led by Karim Sahai, Visual Effects Supervisors, VFX Mojo, and Maria Sahai, FX Supervisor and VFX Mojo Co-founder, dwelled on the theme ‘Enhancing Realities: VFX in Film, TV, Animation and Games.’ The workshop was designed to explore the art and technology of VFX, its impact on filmmaking, and specific insights from renowned films. It examined in-depth how technology is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in visual storytelling, including a discussion on the integration of AI and machine learning in VFX besides a discussion on VFX Mojo’s collaborative approach with filmmakers and directors worldwide.

Karim Sahai, Visual Effects Supervisor, VFX Mojo co-founder and CEO said: “Beyond my role as a Visual Effects Supervisor on large Hollywood films and television series, I believe it is profoundly important to actively participate in talent development and empower the filmmakers, storytellers, and visual artists of today and tomorrow from this region. By supporting their learning and helping them harness the power of visual effects and cutting-edge creative technologies, we can help them create captivating, untold stories that can enthrall worldwide audiences. This is a vision my team and I believe in and are committed to.”


One masterclass that was relevant to all participants, irrespective of their core expertise, was ‘Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn.’ Lynn Chouman, Managing Editor at LinkedIn News, led the session specially designed for media professionals seeking to strengthen their personal branding and networking on LinkedIn.

The session provided in-depth guidance on constructing a profile that showcases expertise in the media sector and fosters enhanced engagement with one’s network. Additionally, the class offered strategic insights into developing LinkedIn posts that resonate deeply with the media community.

Chouman said: “We at LinkedIn are proud to partner with the Arab Media Forum to support media professionals in building and growing their careers. LinkedIn has a wide spectrum of tools that help storytellers amplify their voices and find the right content, and we were delighted to share these with journalists at the Forum.”


Another masterclass featured a trio of experts from META who held forth on ‘Maximising your reach and building a community with Meta.’

Abdelrahman ElSobki, Partner Solutions Manager, Global Partnerships, AMET at Meta; Bahjat Hindy, Partner Solutions Manager, Global Partnerships, AMET at META; and Moon Baz, Global Partnerships Lead | Middle East, Africa and Turkey, provided insights on how to effectively leverage Meta platforms to reach a wider audience, grow followers, and build a community.

Moon Baz said: “Our platforms are rooted in creativity and community, which allow both our users and ourselves as a company to constantly grow, innovate and engage wider audiences. We are dedicated to providing our creative community with valuable insights and tools to enrich their on-platform experience. By offering actionable tips, we strive to empower the next generation of media professionals and creators in the region.”


Another workshop by Tanya Khoury, Strategic Partner Manager, YouTube MENA, titled ‘Digital Tools for Digital Storytelling’  explored ways to make the most of YouTube’s multiple formats; including optimising long-form videos, shorts, and live streams, among others. The session covered how YouTube works, YouTube best practices and community guidelines for content creators, news organisations and filmmakers.


Yet another masterclass that generated significant interest was titled ‘Crafting Creativity with TikTok’. Donia Abi Nassif, Direct Creator Management Lead at TikTok, and her team took the audience through best practices of creating authentic content on TikTok, guiding them on capturing user interest and resonating with their niche. The session highlighted how creators can leverage TikTok’s features enhancements and diversify their content creation, saving them time and enabling them to share information in captivating and entertaining formats.


Experts from microblogging platform X headlined a session titled ‘X for Content Creators.’ In what marks a first for X as far as participation in a media event of this scale in the Middle East goes, the workshop saw Stephanie Terrier, Head of Next MENA, and Joelle Yazbeck, Content Partnerships, of X focus on ways of distinguishing oneself as a creator on the platform.

“X was excited to participate in the annual Arab Media Forum. Our mission is to serve the public interest by facilitating an open exchange of accurate information and dialogue. X is the global town square where the public gathers to pursue its passions and engage in meaningful interactions. As we develop this dynamic platform with unlimited ways to connect, we are also dedicated to creating a marketplace that fosters economic success for all its participants. We were privileged to share our vision and collaborate with other industry leaders at the summit through a variety of engagements,” Antoine Caironi, Managing Director, X, MENA said.


Aya Kalouti, Creators Partnership Manager, led a masterclass on ‘Unlocking the Power of Snapchat’. The session offered insights and best practices for content creation on the platform and how to build a successful business on it. Participants learned how to navigate and create on the GCC’s most-loved platform, gaining valuable knowledge from Snap Stars as they spilled the beans on audience engagement, growth, and monetisation strategies.

Hussein Frejieh, Vice President of Snap Inc. in MENA, said: “Snapchat plays a pivotal role in the uniquely communal GCC culture, offering a platform where locals connect, share, and celebrate their traditions in a pressure-free environment. This ability to foster closer connections on our platform is why creators love Snapchat, because it empowers them to produce compelling content that resonates with their communities.

 “As the MENA region’s creator economy continues to expand, we are focusing on cultivating creativity and real relationships through a variety of programmes, opportunities, and tools to help our talent grow their audiences. We were excited to bring this knowledge to our masterclass at the Arab Media Forum as we aim to inspire the next generation of creators to express themselves,” Frejieh added.

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