Webinar on “A Guide for Overseas Pakistanis on Investing in Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)”


Webinar on “A Guide for Overseas Pakistanis on Investing in Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)”

Abu Dhabi(News Desk)::The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in collaboration with Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi and Mahaana Wealth successfully organized a webinar on “A Guide for Overseas Pakistanis on Investing in ETFs” on May 15,2024. This is a quarterly webinar with the Pakistan Stock Exchange.
The event aimed to provide the participants to explore into the world of ETFs, unveiling possibilities and advantages offered for investment portfolio, offered for overseas Pakistanis.Dr. Qaiser Anis, President of the Council highlighted the benefits of the Exchange Traded Funds for overseas Pakistanis, as well as, investing in Roshan Equity Investment.
 Ms. Raeda Latif, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer PSX presented on how to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange through the Roshan Equity Investment (REI) Account, followed by Mr. Aamir Mushtaq Kanju, Deputy General Manager Product Management and Research, PSX gave a detailed overview, analyzing market trends and investment opportunities in ETF.
The Pakistan Stock Exchange has introduced nine (9) ETFs, with JSMFI having the highest annual return as of April 2024.ETF provides diversified exposure to the Pakistani stock market, accessible to retail investors through their brokerage accounts at a much lower cost compared to existing options in the market.
Chief Investment Officer of Mahaana Wealth Mr. Mubashir Zuberi gave an overview and expertise on Mahaana Islamic Index ETF.
The MIIETF was officially listed on the PSX on March 11, 2024. This ETF is designed to track the performance of the Mahaana Islamic Index (MII30), which is regularly rebalanced and reconstituted to offer long-term appreciation and dividend yield to investors.*

The presentations were followed by the question-and-answer session by the community members.
In closing remark, Dr. Qaiser Anis thanked the speakers for participating in the mission of the Council to serve the community and Pakistan in promoting the Roshan Digital Account and Investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Council continuously and actively supports any initiatives that provide benefits to overseas Pakistanis for protecting their investment, earning income, and keeping the funds either in foreign or local currency.
The event was broadcasted live on PSXs Facebook page and viewed by hundreds of overseas Pakistanis.  Attended by prominent Pakistani community members and representatives of leading community organizations and businesses from Abu Dhabi,Dubai, as well as various parts of other Emirates and other GCC Countries.


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