UAE: Gradual Increase in Temperatures Across Most Regions in May – UAE


The National Center of Meteorology has reported that May will witness a gradual increase in temperatures across most regions of the country.

The center noted that May is one of the months of the first transitional period (spring) between winter and summer. During this period, the sun’s movement shifts visibly towards the north from the equator, resulting in gradually longer days in the northern hemisphere. This leads to a gradual rise in temperatures across most regions of the country during this month.

The National Center of Meteorology further stated that the influence of the Siberian high pressure system on the country weakens and recedes during this month, while low-pressure systems affect the region. A low-pressure system extends from the west or the east, accompanied by the extension of upper-level low-pressure systems moving from west to east, increasing cloud cover in some areas with a chance of rainfall.

Regarding humidity in May, the National Center stated that humidity levels decrease slightly compared to April, especially in the latter half of the month. Fog and mist formation remain possible in scattered areas, especially during the first half of the month, with occurrences decreasing in the latter half.

Climate Statistics and Historical Records:


Average temperature ranges between 30.6 and 33.6°C.

Average maximum temperature ranges between 37.3 and 40.9°C.

Average minimum temperature ranges between 24.3 and 26.8°C.

Highest recorded temperature: 50.2°C in Umm Al Zumool and Fujairah Airport in 2009.

Lowest recorded temperature: 9.0°C on Jebel Jais in 2005.


Average wind speed: 13 km/h.

Highest wind speed: 117.2 km/h on Jebel Mubarak in 2010.


Average relative humidity during this month: 39%.

Average maximum relative humidity: between 54% and 82%.

Average minimum relative humidity: between 14% and 22%.


The highest occurrence of fog in recent years was in 2021, with 10 days of fog and 4 days of mist.


Highest recorded rainfall during this month: 134.4 mm in Al Fili in 1981.



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