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In order to integrate and align national efforts, the Joint Assessment Team for Weather and Tropical Conditions held a meeting as part of a series of monitoring meetings to discuss the developments of the weather conditions and their impact on the country. The meeting was chaired by the National Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Authority, with the participation of the Ministry of Interior, the National Center of Meteorology, and relevant government entities.

The Authority emphasized the importance of activating business continuity plans, continuing to monitor and evaluate the weather conditions and their implications on all areas of the country, in order to ensure the safety and security of the community, and to minimize the impacts on society and property.

According to the National Center of Meteorology, the weather conditions in the country from today until next Thursday will witness local convective clouds with rain during the day, with the possibility of small-sized hail falling in eastern areas extending to some inland and western areas. It was confirmed that the upcoming weather condition will be less severe than the previous one.

The Center added that on Friday and Saturday, cloud amounts will decrease while there is still a chance of light to moderate, possibly heavy rain in some southern and eastern areas.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the Higher Committee for Internal Security, chaired by the Ministry’s Undersecretary, continues full coordination with the Joint Assessment Team for Weather and Tropical Conditions, monitoring the developments and updates of the weather condition continuously, to assess all expected impacts and implications on areas that may be affected by the country, especially as the country is in the recovery phase from the previous weather condition.

The Ministry emphasized taking all precautionary measures to support and reinforce response operations, with necessary resources and capabilities in potential areas affected by the weather condition, which is expected to have moderate to high intensity effects on scattered areas of the country, as well as the readiness of dealing plans and business continuity for vital entities.

The Ministry places the safety of the community and the protection of lives and property at the top of its priorities, urging the public to follow cautionary measures and guidelines, adhere to the directives of the competent authorities, refrain from circulating and spreading rumors, and emphasize the importance of obtaining information from official sources in the country.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure explained that, in the context of preparing for the weather condition, all necessary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of infrastructure and roads, as well as the safety of dams and enhancing their efficiency in water storage, including water discharge to relieve pressure and accommodate new quantities of rainfall water, and cleaning water drains.

The Ministry affirmed that advanced systems and modern technologies used in dam management play a role in enhancing their efficiency and providing the ability to make quick decisions during monitoring rainfall, floods, and floods in valleys, in addition to using modern technology in analyzing the rates of water flow, quantities, and depth with high accuracy, sending them to the control and monitoring unit at the ministry for processing and analysis.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, in coordination with federal and local entities, oversees 103 dams, barriers, and a water lake in various regions of the country, with a storage capacity of 80 million cubic meters, implemented according to the needs of the regions and according to the highest international standards and safety requirements that ensure the preservation of lives and property.

The Authority reminded the public of the importance of social responsibility, compliance with instructions issued by the relevant authorities, stressing the importance of obtaining news and updates and the extent of impact from official sources in the country, and refraining from circulating rumors and misinformation to avoid legal accountability.

It is noted that the Joint Assessment Team for Weather and Tropical Conditions emphasized the continuity of holding consecutive meetings to ensure the continuity of monitoring and evaluating all expected impacts of the condition and its implications on areas that may be affected by the country, especially as the country is in the recovery phase from the previous weather condition.

Source: Al-Bayan newspaper



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