Dubai all set to host IFCC World Lab 2024 on May 26-30 – UAE


Under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and Chairman of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA), Dubai is all set to host the IFCC World Lab 2024, a prestigious global conference that will bring together laboratory professionals and scientists worldwide, from 26 to 30 May. The global event will be held for the first time in the Middle East and Africa region as well as the first time outside of Europe.

Announcing details of the event at a press conference hosted by the Dubai Press Club, the organisers said the conference, to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, provides a platform for the free and open exchange of information on the science and technology of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine in the academic, clinical, and industrial settings.

The IFFC World Lab 2024 features five events including the 26th International Summit on Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine IFCC World Lab 2024; 17th Arab Union Summit for Biochemistry; the 10th Conference of the Saudi Society for Biochemistry; the 8th International Conference on Genetic Disorders 2024; and the 3rd edition of the UAE Award for Genetic Disorder Reduction.

The press conference was attended by Ahmed Al Jumairi, Senior Manager, Dubai Business Events; Dr. Mariam Mohammed Matar, Founder and President of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association; Dr. Fareeda Al Shemali, Deputy Chairperson of the UAE Award for Genetic Disorder Reduction; Dr. Rachel Stratton, Head of the Scientific Program of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association; Hamoud Al Mahmoud, Chief Content Officer of the MAJARRA Platform; Saif Al Rahmani, Founder and President of the ‘Thank You for Your Giving’ volunteer team; and Dr Salah Jafer, CEO of ESG MENA the event’s strategic partner.

Ahmed Al Jumairi commended the UAE Genetic Diseases Association’s team for their efforts in organising global events that support Dubai’s goals to attract talent and foster scientific and medical activities and become a regional hub for future sciences and medicine. He said that the event will enhance Dubai’s position as a centre for medical tourism and knowledge-based industries.

Dr. Mariam Mohammed Matar said the global conference coincides with the UAE Genetic Diseases Association’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Over the past two decades, the association has served 33,282 people in the UAE community. She highlighted that the event’s agenda aligns with the UAE’s health strategy and future outlook for medicine. The summit features a comprehensive scientific programme that includes the latest advancements in medical and genetic diagnostics for all health disorders and rare diseases. It also covers the globally approved standards for the registration and use of these advancements in the medical sector.

The conference will, for the first time, highlight clinical practices in regenerative medicine and healthy aging. The event will conclude with a scientific discussion conducted in Arabic, covering all topics addressed during the summit. A panel of selected clinical specialists will engage in a comprehensive dialogue on the advancements and insights shared during the event.

Dr. Rachel Stratton, Head of the Scientific Program of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, said that the conference will feature speakers and exhibitors from 107 countries. The 227 distinguished speakers who will address the event come from 67 nationalities, highlighting the global scope of the event. The speakers include 63 from the Middle East, of which six are Emirati. Additionally, there are eight speakers from South America, 63 from North America, 16 from Africa, 83 from Europe, nine from Australia, and 75 from Asia, underscoring the diverse expertise and perspectives being brought to the event.

The summit will commence with a lecture on genomics in the Middle East presented by Prof. Fouzan Sami Al Kuria, Professor of Human Genetics at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.

During the press conference, Dr. Fareeda Al Shemali, Deputy Chairperson of the UAE Award for Genetic Disorder Reduction, announced the launch of the third edition of the UAE International Genomics Awards that will focus on the future of medicine. The awards, which aim to recognise and promote cutting-edge advances in crucial areas of medical science, are inviting nominations from a wide array of fields including genomic medicine, artificial intelligence, machine learning, precision medicine, precision health, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, and microbiome.

The aims of the UAE International Genomics Awards are:

-To recognise individuals and organisations that are dedicated to using science, technology, and expertise innovatively to assist countries and communities challenged by genetic disorders.

-To foster innovation in genetic research that has the potential to substantially enhance the quality of life of patients, their families, and caregivers.

-To encourage young scientists, researchers, and members of the academic community to continue investing in and committing to genetic research.

-To establish an action-oriented platform that facilitates knowledge exchange among the global and regional scientific community.

Hamoud Al Mahmoud from MAJARRA Platform, the Knowledge Partner of the summit, highlighted the platform’s commitment to delivering accurate Arabic medical information and enabling the community to access modern scientific knowledge by leveraging its subscriber database.

Saif Al Rahmani, Founder and President of the ‘Thank You for Your Giving’ volunteer team, emphasised the critical role of volunteers, highlighting that certified volunteers skilled in managing and organising global events, including notable ones like Expo 2020 Dubai and COP28, will be supporting various aspects of the event.

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