UAE announces end of weather fluctuations, efforts continue to complete recovery phase – UAE


The Ministry of Interior (MoI), in collaboration with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, the National Centre of Meteorology, and strategic partners, has announced the end of the weather fluctuations, with rainfall stopping and weather conditions gradually improving.

MoI highlighted the efforts of the field teams that worked in a preventive manner and will continue to work diligently until full recovery. The Supreme Committee for Internal Security remained in constant session during the weather conditions to ensure rapid response and guarantee business continuity. All emergency response teams, including the civil defence, ambulance, rescue and Police patrol will continue to work to secure roads and areas with fast-moving streams, valleys and dam exits. The teams are working to manage traffic and clear the rainwater until full restoration of normal life in all civil facilities.

The Ministry expressed deep appreciation to the role of the concerned authorities in dealing with the weather fluctuations, highlighting their contribution in reducing the repercussions of the unusual weather conditions through a proactive and professional integrated response that ensured the protection of lives and properties and enhanced society’s stability and safety.

The Ministry praised the positive role of social responsibility reflected in the public’s awareness during the weather fluctuations as they put their trust in government bodies to deal with emergency weather conditions and received updates through official state channels. Emphasis was made on the importance of continuing to adhere to the instructions issued by the official authorities and staying clear from stream valleys and water accumulations.

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