Abu Dhabi Police Affirms Readiness to Deal with Fluctuating Weather Conditions – UAE


The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has affirmed its readiness and full preparedness to handle the anticipated fluctuations in weather conditions expected in the country from April 15th to 17th. The statement emphasizes their coordination with strategic partners from relevant authorities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, aiming to ensure community safety and protect lives and properties.

Drivers are urged to adhere to safe driving practices and safety measures, avoiding distractions while driving, complying with speed limits when speed reduction systems are activated on roads, maintaining a safe following distance, avoiding sudden braking, and reducing speed significantly when turning to prevent car sliding. Additionally, they are advised to steer clear of valleys and areas prone to water accumulation.

Beachgoers are advised to check weather conditions before heading to the beaches during this period. All establishments and construction companies are urged to comply with safety standards and regulations.

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