Dubai Municipality Offers Essential Tips for Rainy and Windy Weather – UAE


In response to the current weather conditions in the Emirates, Dubai Municipality has issued valuable advice and instructions to ensure safety and preparedness during rain and wind.

Guidelines for Rainy Weather:

  • Safeguard indoor electrical connections to prevent hazards.
  • Regularly clean internal rain gutters within homes and buildings.
  • Utilize designated rainwater drains to efficiently manage water flow.
  • Drain excess water in designated areas to prevent flooding.
  • Secure outdoor furniture firmly and remove any potential flying objects indoors.
  • Clear balconies of tools and equipment to prevent accidents.
  • Exercise caution around trees, unstable structures, and construction sites.
  • Report emergencies promptly via 800900 or WhatsApp for immediate assistance.

By adhering to these helpful tips from Dubai Municipality, residents can ensure their safety and minimize risks during adverse weather conditions.

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