RTA launches Eid al-Fitr initiatives in collaboration with the Red Crescent, Rashid Centre, Keolis, and Al Etihad Charity Foundation – UAE


RTA launches Eid al-Fitr initiatives in collaboration with the Red Crescent, Rashid Centre, Keolis, and Al Etihad Charity Foundation
Dubai. Roads and Transport Authority. 4th April 2024

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is all set to unleash a series of Eid al-Fitr initiatives in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent, Rashid Center for People of Determination, Al Etihad Charity Foundation, Keolis MHI — Dubai Metro and Tram Operator – and Roxy Cinema.

These initiatives celebrate Eid in style by bringing happiness and joy to orphans, people of determination, and students. The Eid celebration initiatives aim to provide Eid clothing, organise recreational outings, and distribute Eidiya (Gifting Cash to Children).

This year, RTA’s Eid initiatives focus on strengthening community cohesion and diffusing the culture of solidarity with orphans and people of determination. The objective is to share the festive joy of Eid through the distribution of traditional Eid attire, involving gifting Kandora (Men’s Gowns) and Makhaweer (Women’s Gowns) that depict the Emirati identity and authenticity of the national costume.

This initiative is rolled out in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent, Al Etihad Charity Foundation and Dar Al Hay Gents Tailoring, where Emirati traditional Kandoras will be distributed to males. In a gesture that underscores the values of generosity and kindness, a distinctive initiative has been designated for girls associated with the Rashid Center for People of Determination. It involves giving out Makhaweer, contributed by Salama Tailoring, aiming to spread happiness through heartfelt Eid greetings.

Eid gifts also include the distribution of Eidiya to students from charitable schools to enable them to meet their personal needs and engage in Eid celebrations.

As part of Eid initiatives, Keolis MHI is organising a special cinema outing for orphaned children to entertain and offer them a memorable experience during these festive days.

It’s noteworthy that RTA engages in community and humanitarian initiatives annually, spanning from Ramadan until the celebrated days of Eid al-Fitr. These efforts highlight RTA’s commitment to nurturing tolerance, collaboration, and corporate image, besides encouraging collective efforts among individuals.

Through these initiatives held in collaboration with public and private entities, RTA aims to step up cooperation and forge stronger partnerships in community-driven initiatives. It also seeks to activate cooperation agreements related to community affairs for the benefit of various social groups, both domestically and internationally.

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