DCD In Collaboration WithDED, Launches Awareness Campaign for Restaurants on Iftar Meal Distribution Procedures


Department of Community Development, In Collaboration With Department of Economic Development, Launches Awareness Campaign for Restaurants on Iftar Meal Distribution Procedures

Abu Dhabi(News Desk):: The Department of Community Development – Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development, implemented an awareness campaign for restaurants in Abu Dhabi to clarify procedures for distributing iftar meals. This was done to ensure restaurants adhere to best practices and the applicable laws and processes.
The recently organised campaign comprised 38 field visits in Abu Dhabi, which included the participation of inspectors from the Social Licensing and Control Sector of the DCD and the AbuDhabi Department of Economic Development.
Saeed Bin Amro, Director of the Social Control Division at DCD, said: “During the blessed month of Ramadan, which is characterised by an increase in charitable giving, the DCD is keen to enhance awareness of the importance of adhering to the applicable laws and procedures regarding donations in its various forms. The awareness campaign has been held in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development to explain to restaurant owners and workers the importance of adhering to the regulations and procedures in distributing iftar meals. Restaurants are allowed to receive requests to prepare Ramadan meals, but they are not allowed to distribute them. This is because of the specific mechanism that regulates charitable work in the emirate, where distribution is done through the donor himself or through licensed charitable entities.”
He added: “The commitment of establishments in providing food within the directives and regulations and obtaining the necessary licenses helps organise charitable work and help people in need as per the best standards and practices. This enhances the building of a more interconnected society.”
Bin Amro also pointed to the importance of commitment to providing support & assistance to those in need in a safe and healthy manner, reflecting the humanitarian spirit that our society is known for, especially during the Holy Month.
Bin Amro explained: “The DCD is keen to enhance awareness and adherence to the laws and procedures in place for distributing donations and providing assistance. It is important to follow the social system that is based on legal regulations and procedures to regulate charitable works and the collection and distribution of donations. This helps in ensuring that they reach those in need in safe and secure ways and in accordance with the best humanitarian and health standards.”

He added: “Through our cooperation with other entities, such as the D E C D, we seek to strengthen the concept of social responsibility by adhering to licenses and proper procedures. Field visits have proven successful in providing the necessary information to restaurant owners and workers, clarifying the approved controls and standards, and encouraging them to follow them in a way that helps achieve our common goals of building an organised and interdependent society.”(- Ends) –

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