e& enterprise partners with ADSSA to launch the House Visit and Interviews Management System


e& enterprise partners with ADSSA to launch the House Visit and Interviews Management System

System aims to enhance efficiency and impact of social support services in Abu Dhabi

 Abu Dhabi(News Desk)::The Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (ADSSA) announced the launch of the “House Visit and Interviews Management System’‘, developed in partnership with e& enterprise. The initiative marks a significant milestone in ADSSA’s continuous endeavours to drive digital transformation to enhance the efficiency and impact of its social support services for limited-income families in Abu Dhabi.

The “House Visit and Interviews Management System” is designed to help ADSSA employees streamline their field visits to beneficiary families. It provides a central interface for customers and beneficiaries, offering updated information about their requests and living conditions. The system also integrates advanced mapping technologies for precise travel planning and includes a feedback module for customers to share their visit experiences, promoting continuous service enhancement.

His Excellency Abdulla Humaid Al Ameri, Director General of Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, said: “At ADSSA, we are committed to adopting top-notch solutions to support the digital transformation of our administrative and field services and activities. This new system, developed in partnership with e& enterprise, incorporates the latest features of IoT & AI, marking a significant milestone in our continued efforts to improve our efficiency. We will continue to work diligently to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and beneficiaries with limited income in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

Al Ameri added: “The deployment of “House Visit and Interviews Management System” is a testament to ADSSA’s commitment to adopting innovative solutions for enhanced service delivery in line with the directives of the Abu Dhabi government. This initiative not only amplifies our capabilities but also significantly contributes to enriching the social support ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.”

Salvador Anglada, CEO, e& enterprise said: “We’re proud to partner with ADSSA in this transformative project, showcasing e& enterprise’s commitment to advancing government digital transformation. The successful implementation of the ‘House Visit and Interviews Management System’ reflects our dedication to using innovative technology for societal benefit, setting a new standard in efficient and effective social support services.”

The system is meticulously designed to automate and optimise key processes like application management, visit scheduling, and reporting. It provides a comprehensive platform for ADSSA’s Assessment Team to efficiently manage applications, field visits, and reports.

A notable aspect of this project is the automated resource allocation and workload balancing, which facilitates accurate resource deployment, reduces the time required to provide services, and significantly boosts organisational KPIs. -END-

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