Celebrate World Wildlife Day this March on Saadiyat Island


Celebrate World Wildlife Day this March on Saadiyat Island

 Abu Dhabi(News Desk):: In celebration of World Wildlife Day on March 3, the Middle East’s leading beach destination Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi reaffirms its commitment to protecting its natural inhabitants. With a flourishing and diverse ecosystem, the destination is considered home for several marine and wildlife species, fostering a connection between residents and visitors to the pristine and bountiful nature of Abu Dhabi. Reconnect with wildlife on Saadiyat Island, where visitors can look forward to witnessing the seasonal nesting of endangered hawksbill turtles on the island’s beaches, while being captivated by the fascinating bottlenose dolphins. In the skies guests are treated to a breathtaking display of nature’s palette where over 300 species of birds fly around the destination, adding to the enchanting ambiance of Saadiyat Island.

Saadiyat Island stands as a beacon of sustainability which is reflected in its eco-friendly initiatives, such as Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort which recently was awarded the ‘Ocean Champion’ badge from the global NGO ‘The Oceanic Standard’, in recognition of its efforts to going completely plastic free. The resort has also been awarded the titles ‘Sustainability Steward’ and ‘Straw Free’, making it the only resort in the Middle East to be honoured.

Also, Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island is committed to sustainability by exclusively utilizing biodegradable products for all guest amenities aiming to eliminate single-use plastics. The resort implements eco-friendly solutions such as waste segregation and established water treatment plants for resort irrigation. These efforts have led to the prestigious certifications of ISO 14001 and Blue Flag for Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island, acknowledging its dedication to environmental stewardship.In line with the UAE’s sustainability initiatives, the destinations beach resorts, restaurants, and establishments such as Saadiyat Beach Club are committed to waste segregation, ensuring each type is appropriately managed.

The sustainability initiatives at Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas serve as the cornerstone of its operations. Beginning with the Ecolab Sustainable project, the resort has streamlined laundry processes to minimize water and energy consumption. Furthermore, the resort harnesses electricity generated from on-site solar panels, eliminating reliance on fossil fuels and resulting in significant cost savings.

Saadiyat Island offers a haven for those seeking a deeper connection with nature, where tranquil beaches, natural landscapes, lavish hospitality, and thriving wildlife blend harmoniously, making each moment spent on the destination a testament to the beauty and resilience of our planet, inspiring a renewed sense of appreciation for the environment and a commitment to its preservation.The destinations hotels and resorts have transitioned from plastic bottles to refillable glass alternatives, implemented water-efficient systems, and encourage towel reuse. At Saadiyat Island, we are committed to minimizing our footprint on the ecosystem is an ongoing commitment.

For more information on Saadiyat Island, please visit https://saadiyatisland.ae/


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