Nirvana Tours and Logistics Embarks on a Green Journey with MMEC Mannesmann’s Hydrogen-Fueled Cars


A significant move on the back of COP28

Nirvana Tours and Logistics Embarks on a Green Journey with MMEC Mannesmann’s Hydrogen-Fueled Cars

Abu Dhabi, Nirvana Tours and Logistics (NTL), a subsidiary of Nirvana Holding and a pioneer in tourism and logistics services in the UAE, is set to revolutionize its fleet with the trial addition of six cutting edge hydrogen fueled cars from MMEC Mannesmann, a leading Emirati company specializing in the energy sector specially renewables, oil & gas and mining. This strategic move marks a significant test step towards integrating sustainable technologies into NTL’s operational framework.

This move aligns seamlessly with the UAE’s wise leadership directives and the national agenda for sustainability. It also reflects the UAE’s commitment to achieving a Net Zero economy by 2050, a strategy reiterated at the recent COP28 summit.

Omar Al Ali, CEO of Nirvana Tours and Logistics, commented on the significance of the partnership saying: “We are thrilled to collaborate with MMEC Mannesmann in testing the potential of hydrogen fueled cars. This initiative underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry by adopting innovative solutions that align with global sustainability goals.”

“We believe in leading by example, contributing to the UAE’s vision of a greener, cleaner future for our planet. Therefore, our dedication to innovation has always set us apart. Exploring hydrogen fueled vehicles is part of our bid to contribute to sustainability in the UAE and beyond,” Al Ali added.

Eng. Anas Aljuaidi, CEO of MMEC Mannesmann, said: “This collaboration agreement marks a pivotal step underscoring the significance of collaborations between local entities in realizing our nation’s vision for a greener future. This partnership is a testament to our collective commitment to decarbonization, emphasizing that together, we can forge a path towards environmental stewardship and a brighter, sustainable future for generations to come.”

“The global challenge arises from fueling vehicles with diesel and petrol, resulting in environmental repercussions due to carbon emissions. The utilization of hydrogen presents a solution by significantly reducing carbon emissions.”Aljuaidi added.

Currently, transportation accounts for approximately 20% of the total global carbon output and world nations and organizations seek to minimize the risks of these emissions. With this in mind, NTL paves the way for eco-friendly transportation solutions and remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, embracing technologies that echo the broader national and global aspirations for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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