Nashwa Al Ruwaini: The Most Influential Woman in the Middle East


During the Annual Women Leaders Summit 2023

Nashwa Al Ruwaini: The Most Influential Woman in the Middle East

AbuDhabi(News Desk)::Dr. Nashwa Al Ruwaini, the CEO of Pyramedia Consulting and Media Production Group, was honored on the sidelines of the second Annual Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit & Awards 2023. This recognition comes in appreciation and gratitude for the efforts exerted by female leaders in the community and their prominent role in sustainable development.
Nashwa Al Ruwaini, a business pioneer, boasts an impressive record of successes in on-the-ground work to support, empower, and integrate women into society. She was the first Emirati to receive the Mother Teresa; award in acknowledgment of her charitable work and efforts to improve the living conditions of women and children.
On the occasion of her honoring, Dr. Nashwa Al Ruwaini stated, There are no limits to what a woman in the UAE can achieve. In our country, all necessary means and capabilities are available to support women in the nations rise and to shape the future.
During her speech, she emphasized,This recognition is not just an appreciation for me personally, but is considered an appreciation for every Arab woman who succeeded in realizing her dreams and contributing to the progress and prosperity of the region. The Arab woman is strong and inspiring,capable of making change and influencing her surroundings.

Palestinian Women

Al Ruwaini dedicated the award and honor to Palestinian women,
emphasizing their resilience and determination in the face of daily
challenges.;The Palestinian woman, despite the complex circumstances,
continues to work daily to build a better future for her children and her family. Her strength and determination serve as an inspiration to us all,reminding us of the importance of perseverance and progress even under the toughest conditions," she said. Al Ruwaini continued, History bears
witness that the Palestinian woman has always been a bridge of life and hope in facing the tough challenges. She educates generations, preserves her heritage and culture, and contributes to preserving her people& identity. If we ever seek a paragon of resilience and challenge, undoubtedly, it is the Palestinian woman who represents the struggle of every woman on this earth. Today, I hope this award symbolizes solidarity and support for Palestinian women.
Al Ruwaini concluded her speech by saying, The success stories of Arab women are marked by depth and challenge. Each of them has a unique story where they overcame difficulties. Throughout history, Arab women have demonstrated their strength and independence in the face of various challenges, whether they be social, economic, or even political.

These stories not only inspire women in the region but also inspire
women worldwide. The successes achieved by Arab women showcase how determination can break barriers, surpass boundaries, and serve as an inspiration for future generations to follow in her footsteps and build on her legacy.

Women Leaders

The second Annual Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit Awards stands as a prominent platform highlighting the achievements of female leaders both within and outside the region. This summit aims to bring together distinguished leaders, enhancing knowledge and deepening constructive relationships, in an ambitious step towards achieving gender balance and promoting diversity in leadership positions.
Participating in the summit is HH Sheikha Jawaher bint Khalifa Al
Khalifa, founder and chairman of "Green Aventurine Holding company.
During the celebration, prominent female leaders who changed the rules and set new standards for leadership were honored, highlighting the achievements of women who worked diligently and innovatively to pen exceptional success stories.This summit and its associated awards were established to enhance deep dialogues and expand communication opportunities, enabling pioneering women leaders and key decision-makers to exchange expertise and knowledge in the Middle East region.

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