ACCA announces Oman developments: Partnership signing and engagements take place


ACCA announces Oman developments: Partnership signing and engagements take place

Future developments reinforce ACCA’s steadfast presence in the Sultanate

Dubai(News desk): The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) announces its strategic developments with the Oman Association of Chartered Public Accountants (OACPA), marking the beginning of an innovative partnership.Strategic plans and developments were discussed by Helen Brand, ACCA’s Chief Executive, and Sheikh Mahfouz Aljuma, Chairman of OACPA, reinforcing the enduring relationship between the two institutions and was marked with a commitment to excellence, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks for the accounting profession in Oman.

Fazeela Gopalani, Head of ACCA Middle East, said: “For over 15 years, ACCA has been a steadfast presence in Oman, supporting entities and professionals across the Sultanate. Our partnership with OACPA has proven to be nothing short of groundbreaking for the accounting profession in the region.”

Speaking at the Oman International Conference on Accounting and Auditing, held on 29th and 30th January, Gopalani added: “With a clear vision and realistic belief in what we can contribute – we can continue to be a force for public good in 2024 and beyond, working to create a future in alignment with the Oman Vision 2040.”The conference was attended by accounting and finance professionals from public sector institutions, regulators and audit firms and included networking opportunities, panel discussions and keynote speeches on important topics facing the accounting profession.

Sheikh Mahfouz Aljuma, Chairman of OACPA, opened the conference with: “We are delighted to witness the best minds in accounting and auditing unite to exchange ideas and challenge conventions. The conference addresses some of the most pertinent issues our profession faces today and provides the opportunity for accounting professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge required to tackle and embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

A keynote speech was given by International Federation of Accountants President (IFAC) Asmaa Resmouki, who shared insights on IFAC’s IMPACT approach, emphasising the value it brings to society and how IFAC is connecting the work it does to the public interest and social purpose of the profession. Additionally, she addressed the challenges of sustainability, delved into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the accounting profession, and underscored the need for the profession to engage and collaborate with subject matter experts to meet the demand for emerging assurance services.

As the conference culminated, Gopalani gave thanks to H.E. Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef, Minister of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion, as well as gratitude to Sheikh Mahfouz Aljuma,  Chairman OACPA for his visionary leadership in bringing the conference to fruition, and a special acknowledgment to the OCPA board of directors and Ahmed Abdul Rahman, General Manager of OACPA.

Alongside the conference, ACCA also welcomed three Omani companies to its Global Approved Employer Programme. The programme recognises and rewards employers’ quality staff training and development by ensuring that the highest standards are met. The programme is designed to support ACCA students, members, and finance professionals.

 Oman Investment Authority and OQ, the global integrated energy company, both obtained a platinum trainee development stream, as well as a professional development stream. Oman Flour Mills obtained a professional development stream that is designed to help organisations support their ACCA members in their continuing professional development (CPD).

A high-profile meeting also took place where key stakeholders, namely IFAC President Asmaa Resmouki, Sheikh Mahfouz Aljuma Chairman of the Oman Association for Chartered Public Accountants, Zarif Ludin FCPA, UK Head of Institutional Partnerships ACCA, Malek Sarieddine Regional Head of Partnerships – Middle East, and Ahmed Abdel Rahman, had the opportunity to meet with H.E. Abdullah Salim Al Salmi, the Executive President of the Capital Market Authority.Discussions revolved around the upcoming regulatory changes, focusing on investigations, licensing, and more. The meeting highlighted the essential need for additional support in developing accounting and auditing legislation in Oman. This collaborative effort is crucial for promoting a robust accountancy profession and contributing to national development.– ends 

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