Weather Forecast for the UAE Tomorrow: Partly Cloudy to Cloudy with Increasing Temperatures – UAE


The National Center of Meteorology expects tomorrow’s weather to be generally sunny to partly cloudy becoming cloudy in the west by noon and extending to some northern and eastern areas by night and Tuesday morning with a chance of light to moderate rain at times, accompanied by an increase in temperatures.

The Center explained in its daily statement that the winds will be light to moderate in speed, occasionally freshening, with a southeasterly to northeasterly direction, ranging from 10 to 20 km/h, reaching up to 35 km/h.

In the Arabian Gulf, the wave will be light to moderate, with the first tide occurring at 12:23, the second tide at 00:54, the first island at 18:22, and the second island at 07:10.

In the Sea of Oman, the wave will be light, with the first tide occurring at 09:16, the second tide at 20:52, the first island at 15:06, and the second island at 03:32.

Below is a statement of the expected maximum and minimum temperatures and humidity levels for tomorrow:

City Max Temperature Min Temperature Max Humidity Min Humidity

Abu Dhabi 35°C 21°C 80% 20%

Dubai 35°C 24°C 80% 25%

Sharjah 34°C 20°C 85% 30%

Ajman 34°C 21°C 85% 35%

Umm Al Quwain 35°C 19°C 80% 25%

Ras Al Khaimah 34°C 19°C 90% 40%

Fujairah 32°C 24°C 80% 25%

Al Ain 36°C 21°C 75% 20%

Liwa 37°C 20°C 75% 20%

Ar Ruways 34°C 22°C 80% 25%

Al Sila 34°C 21°C 85% 30%

Dalma 30°C 24°C 90% 40%

Tunb Al Kubra 31°C 23°C 85% 35%

Tunb Al Sughra 31°C 23°C 85% 35%

Abu Musa 32°C 23°C 80% 30%

Source: Al-Bayan newspaper



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