Weather condition in the UAE from Sunday 14 until Wednesday 17 April 2024 – UAE


The National Center of Meteorology, has announce that, the UAE will be affected by an unstable weather condition as a result of an extension of a low surface pressure from the Southwest, accompanied by humid southeasterly winds, along with an extension of an upper air pressure, accompanied by an air current from the Northwest.


Partly cloudy to cloudy at times, with a light to moderate rainfall might be heavy at times in some areas, especially over internal and southern areas. 

Monday and Tuesday:

The low pressure will deepen and the amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas, accompanied by convective clouds, associated with rainfall of different intensity over scattered areas, in the form of waves with lightning and thunder, and may be associated with hail at times over some areas. 


Cloud amounts will gradually decrease with the continuation of rainfall during the daytime over some areas especially over Northern and Eastern areas with a decrease in temperatures. 


Moderate to fresh Southeasterly to Northeasterly, becoming Northwesterly winds and strong at times especially with convective clouds and causing blowing dust and sand reducing the horizontal visibility and the flying of some solid objects, and the wind speed will decrease on Wednesday to become moderate to fresh at times. 


will be moderate to rough and very rough at times, especially with clouds activity on Monday and Tuesday In the Arabian Gulf and In Oman Sea, then becomes moderate on Wednesday in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

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