we want to increase trade volume with Pakistan (Abdullah AlSaleh)


                                                   Wants to increase trade volume with Pakistan (Abdullah AlSaleh)
                                                     Born in Pakistan and raised in UAE (Khan Zaman Sarwar)
                       Proper marketing is essential for the identification of any product (Iftikhar Hamdani).

Dubai (Urduweekly) :: A delegation led by UAE’s leading social and business personality, Member Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman Al-Ibrahimi Group Khan Zaman Sarwar called on H.E Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy UAE . The delegation included Mr.Iftikhar Hamdani, Engineer M Javed, Mr,Sohail Khawar and Chaudhry Arshad. Khan Zaman Sarwar introduced the members of the delegation to H.E Abdullah Al-Saleh. Director Trade Promotion Department Rashid Al-Teneiji was also present in the meeting. During meeting, New Business Opportunities,  Bilateral trade volume between the UAE & Pakistan and other trade issues were discussed in detail.
Delegation head, Khan Zaman Sarwar said that the business community of Pakistan and UAE should take full advantages of the trade opportunities available in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country rich in natural resources, agriculture, minerals and there are vast opportunities for profitable investments in technology, transportation, travel and tourism, health,I.T, food security and many other sectors. Pakistan can benefit from the valuable expertise in the field of agriculture. Khan Zaman Sarwar proposed a number of positive suggestions regarding mutual trade interests,  Mr. Abdullah Al-Saleh said that he would convey these suggestions to the competent authorities and insha’Allah we will make every effort to promote trade between the two countries in various sectors. Khan Zaman Sarwar said that if ferry service  started between Karachi to Jabal Ali Port Dubai or Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi between the two countries, immediate access to fresh fruits, vegetables and meat etc. would be possible which would enable locals and others to enjoy fresh vegetables of Pakistan without storage. Will be able to reach the dining table from the farm as soon as possible, which will also significantly reduce the prices of these food items. Because the prices of food items brought by air are high, if the UAE and Pakistan agree to start ferry service, the move will also benefit both countries economically. Leading figure in the field of travel and tourism and hotel and environment, Area Manager, Coral Beach Resort, Sharjah and Ajman Palace Hotel, Iftikhar Hamdani said that there is a need to work on real basis in the field of hotel industry and travel and tourism in Pakistan. Besides, there are many rare varieties of fruits in Pakistan, but unfortunately they have not been properly marketed. Proper marketing of any product is very important for its introduction. We should organize regular road shows for the promotion of Travel and Tourism between both countires. Mr,Sohail Khawar, an importer of Pakistani products in the UAE, said that while talking about the import of fresh fruits and vegetables from Pakistan, he said that commercial flights were closed due to the Corona epidemic. In this regard, if the concerned airlines give some concessions to the importers, the price of other seasonal fruits especially Mangoes will come down. Engineer Mohammad Javed, CEO of Ajniha Electromechanical Company, said that if the United Arab Emirates builds a Charity  hospital in Pakistan or any other country, Our company will provide free consulting, designing and technical services .
Mr. Abdullah Al-Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry of the UAE, said that according to the vision of the UAE leadership and the direction of the Prime Minister & Voice President of United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Providing better trade facilities is a top priority for the establishment or existing setup of the WTO. At the same time, we are keen to increase trade with Pakistan like other countries and provide full support, guidance and market support to the Pakistani business community. I am ready to help you take advantage of the existing business opportunities. He said that the two countries have deep bilateral relations and the two countries have many values ​​in common which have a long history. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Abdullah Al-Saleh asked the delegation to visit whenever they want. Our doors are always open . We are always ready to cooperate at all levels

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