UAE Residency Visas for Family Members No Longer Tied to Job Type – UAE


The digital government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has clarified that the type of occupation or job is no longer a requirement for expatriates to obtain residency visas for their family members. Foreign residents in the UAE can now apply for family residence visas, allowing their relatives to live and reside with them, as long as they hold valid residencies within the country.

The head of the household, who is a resident, must meet specific conditions. These include a minimum monthly salary of AED 4,000 or a salary of AED 3,000 along with accommodation. Additionally, all family members above the age of 18 are required to undergo a medical fitness examination at approved health centers.

Mothers can sponsor their children under certain circumstances defined by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security. Similarly, residents can sponsor their parents, and the residence visa can be granted annually, regardless of the sponsor’s residency duration.

For those wishing to transfer their family’s sponsorship from a temporary entry permit to a residence visa, the modification process must be completed within a maximum of 60 days from entry into the country.

It’s important to note that residence permits are not issued to individuals who are medically unfit. Regarding tuberculosis (TB) testing, if an old or inactive pulmonary TB is detected during residency renewal examinations, the person is considered medically fit. They receive a health fitness certificate for residence, indicating “under treatment,” and are granted a one-year residence visa. It is advisable to undergo the mentioned health checks in the country of origin before coming to the UAE.

The specific conditions and regulations for residence visas may change over time. Individuals can stay informed by contacting the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Several electronic channels facilitate entry permits and residence visa applications, including E-channels, the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs website, and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security app available on Google Play and the App Store. Additionally, the UAE has implemented an updated visa system since October 2022, enhancing the experience for foreigners in terms of entry and residency, with simplified procedures and added benefits.

The updated visa system in the UAE offers various types of residencies, including new categories to accommodate investors, entrepreneurs, talented professionals, scientists, students, humanitarian workers, first responders, and skilled labor across different fields. By easing administrative burdens and separating residence from the employer, the UAE aims to enhance the quality of life and create a positive living, working, and investment experience for residents.

Source: Al-Bayan newspaper

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