UAE President: Safety and security of citizens and residents is UAE government’s top priority – UAE


 President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has reaffirmed that the safety and security of citizens and residents is the top priority of the UAE government. His Highness also expressed his appreciation for the level of awareness and responsibility demonstrated by people during the adverse weather conditions witnessed recently across the country.

His Highness has directed the concerned authorities to quickly work on studying the condition of infrastructure throughout the UAE and to limit the damage caused after the country witnessed its heaviest rainfall on record.

The UAE President also directed that the necessary support be provided to all families impacted by the severe weather, ordering the transfer of affected families to safe locations in cooperation with local authorities.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed expressed his appreciation to members of the national and local emergency and crisis teams and various authorities in managing rescue and evacuation operations during the unprecedented conditions, which had a positive impact on preserving lives and property. His Highness also highlighted on the deep appreciation to the spirit of solidarity portrayed by the UAE community during the weather conditions, noting it to be a true essence of the UAE identity.

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