The mechanism for receiving requests from Dubai citizens affected by the weather conditions – UAE


The Dubai government has allocated the number (0583009000) on the WhatsApp application to receive support requests from Dubai citizens affected by the repercussions of the weather conditions. Below is the mechanism for receiving requests from citizens in Dubai affected by the weather conditions witnessed by the emirate, via the WhatsApp number 0583009000.

For families affected by rain in the region, whether it’s power outages, uninhabitable homes, or any other services:

After sending a message through the WhatsApp application to the official number designated for the initiative.

The person will receive a response message containing a link according to the area.

The mentioned data below should be filled out and then resent to the designated service number.

Applicant’s Name:

ID Number:

Contact Number:

Residential Area:

Home Location (Google Maps):

Number of Family Members:

Are there elderly individuals?

Are there people with disabilities?

Type of damage:

Have you contacted any other entity previously:

Source: Al-Bayan newspaper



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