Sonakshi Goyal distributed prashad among 1300 people in Dubai to celebrate the inauguration of Ram Mandir.


Sonakshi Goyal distributed prashad among 1300 people in Dubai to celebrate the inauguration of Ram Mandir.

In celebration of the inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

By Sonakshi Goyal, Dubai’s leading entrepreneur and popular celebrity Prashad was distributed among 1300 people in Dubai.
: A highly anticipated moment that is being well received after almost another 500 years.

Dubai (Newsdesk):: Today is considered a big auspicious day for the Hindu community living in the UAE as today 22nd January 2024 Ram Mandir was inaugurated in Ayodhya in which famous personalities participated in the opening ceremony. Inspirational and entrepreneur Sonakshi Goyal celebrated this special day with blue-collar champions by donating food boxes (prashad). She made the day more special with no non-veg, no onion and no garlic day at her restaurant.
During a conversation with Sonakshi Goyal, owner of The Pickles Restaurant , she said that she changed her restaurant kitchen and kitchen to only aloo, puri and kheer for the whole day instead of the regular menu and was surprised.

The point is that the restaurant got more orders. More than usual and this continued until they had to stop booking food boxes altogether.

Sonakshi spearheaded the project with many others who helped make it a success and Ahmed Al Awadi Rukni, Muhammad Ali, Maryam Malzabi, Pritish Patel and Shareena Patel – Akshar Group of Companies Dubai and Vikas Bhargava, Anju. Yadav, Sheetal, Jyoti Singh, Vinsha, Deepa, Kashkriya Adakiya. Many thanks to Chandrika and all contributors. All this would not have been possible without you.

: Ahead of the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ event in Dubai, a carnival-like atmosphere was witnessed at the construction site at Nashama Town Square with a light and firecracker show, witnessing the importance of different nationalities and faiths. The holy event was organized by Ayodhyaganj, Dadri’s daughter, Sonakshi Goyal, an inspirational, philanthropist, business woman and a devoted mother.
Devotees chanted, aarti performed in the pandal, many of them performed kalawa and tilak.
Worn, the atmosphere was very pure and emotional.
Even Sonakshi’s 3-year-old daughter Vasvi Tayal was applying tilak on the foreheads of these hard-working blue-collar workers. Later, more than 1300 people were served with splendid Prasad.
Sonakshi said that today she is very happy to share happiness among the poor workers.


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