Solution of all your vehicle problems available under one roof.

@Al Zaabi Autocare Center at Mussafah Industrial M-37 Abu Dhabi.


Welcome to the newest Al Zaabi Auto Care Center in Abu Dhabi
A one stop shop for all your auto care needs
At Al Zaabi Auto Care, we provide the best care, services and maintenance for your cars.
Workshop constructed on 25 thousand square feet where
35 vehicles can be repaired simultaneously
Standard cost excellent repair facility
At Al Zaabi Autocare Center, your satisfaction is our mission
The trust of our customers is our real asset (TR Vijay Kumar).

ABU DHABI (News Desk): We have a full service car maintenance and repair facility in Abu Dhabi, where our certified automobile experts and technicians service Japanese, Korean, American, German, and British vehicles including BMW, Porsche, Audi. They have extensive experience in repairing all luxury and other normal cars. You don’t need to worry if there is any technical or mechanical fault in your car. Because at Al-Zaabi Autocare Center, all kinds of faults of your car like engine work, electrical work, mechanical, etc. Work, brake check-up, full check-up, pre-purchase check-up, batteries, All kind Lubes change, body shop, spare parts, new tires, tire repair, wheel balancing, insurance services are also available.

Group Chairman  Mr. TR Vijay Kumar while speaking to the media on the occasion of the inauguration of Al Zaabi Autocare Center in Mussafah 37 Industrial Abu Dhabi, on this occasion, Managing Director Amal Vijay Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Vimal Vijay Kumar and experts related to the automobile sector and social and a large numbers of business personalities from various walks of life were also present.
Mr. TR Vijay Kumar further said, Our highly skilled and experienced staff, technicians and mechanics are always at your service at the spacious Al Zaabi Autocare Center in Abu Dhabi equipped with modern facilities. With the help of the latest technology, our team pinpoints the root cause of your vehicle breakdown and resolves it effectively. We always make sure to deliver your vehicle in the best possible condition, and assure you of a smooth and safe ride.
You can always rely on our expertise and high quality services at very reasonable charges, we offer a wide range of automobile maintenance and repair services, including repair and mechanical services, replacement, tires, AC services. , wheel alignment, import and export, tire manufacturing, new tires and periodic maintenance services, body shop and painting, insurance services, pick and drop services, and recovery services that make it easy for you to keep your car in good condition are As new for the longest time, we understand the need to keep the air conditioning system fully functional, especially given the weather conditions in the UAE. Our experts are experts in solving air conditioning problems including general maintenance checks and repairs.To ensure that your vehicle operates at peak efficiency and for longer, it is important to maintain the recommended servicing schedule. At Al Zaabi Autocare Center, we provide complete service for all vehicles to meet this need.

Al Zaabi Autocare Center offers computerized and professional diagnostic tests that identify the problem with your vehicle and our experts Enables to develop the best solution. Our experts are able to solve the electronic problem in your car and repair them efficiently. The staff at Al Zaabi Autocare Center Mussafah Abu Dhabi provide high quality service to ensure that such a problem does not reoccur in the future.
Al Zaabi Autocare Center offers a wide array of automobile services aimed at identifying your vehicle problem and providing timely solutions. State-of-the-art tools such as diagnostic scanners, smoke machines, engine compression testers, and laser temperature testers are used. can be trusted. Your convenience, comfort and safetyis our top priority. So let’s visit Al Zaabi Autocare Center.
 To schedule a booking for these services, please call us.0506697282/025510885                                         email :: or visit

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