Political conflict between the government and Imran Khan


Political conflict between the government and Imran Khan

Imran Khan has emerged as a political talisman in Pakistan and his popularity is increasing day by day. Apparently, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken the path of confrontation, but inwardly he is eager to use all political tactics. . In terms of political understanding, he has no equal in the country’s politics, he has become a key and irreplaceable player in the politics of rallies, processions and sit-ins. The current government of Mange Tange is standing on weak scaffolding. Imran Khan has become impossible to ignore for Pakistan Democratic Critic Movement and Establishment, Imran Khan has become the center and axis of politics in Pakistan due to his style of politics. . Imran Khan’s popularity graph is touching the peak

It is felt that the atmosphere of bitterness between Imran Khan and the powerful institutions is changing to Naseem Sahar, the powerful institutions, the Supreme Court, the President of the State and the current government have started to play a positive role for reconciliation in view of the economic and political conditions of the country. have done

Imran Khan has achieved many successes after the elections of 2013. There are many factors behind his success, among them the biggest factor No. 1 is Imran Khan’s personal talisman. No. 2 Imran Khan is honest in national politics. Being No. 3 Being bold and fearless No. 4 Declaring jihad against corruption and bad faith in a strong way No. 5 Exposing the corruption of the ruling elites, especially Asif Zardari and the Sharif family, in front of the public and Making your central narrative. No. 6 Describing regime change as the result of external conspiracy and local facilitators’ conspiracy, Imran Khan’s continuous attacks have put both political parties on a sharp line. As a result of his continuous struggle, Imran Khan By pushing the two major political parties of the country, he had secured a central place for himself.
Imran Khan has obtained the certificate of public popularity to get power, now there is a dire need of expediency and reconciliation to remove the miner lying in the power corridors. Imran Khan is in a position to uproot the bill of public power, but Imran Khan is not at all willing to use his enormous popularity to create chaos in the country.

After the end of Imran Khan’s government, when the current PDM consisting of 13 parties took over the government, but they are not managing the country’s affairs at all, the rupee is falling very fast against the dollar. It has become 285 rupees. Every day, 50 lakh dollars are being smuggled into Afghanistan. The government has not been able to stop it. There is a severe shortage of dollars in the country.
The prices of the daily necessities of life have increased a lot and the life of a common man has become very difficult. He cannot eat bread twice a day.
That is why the majority of Pakistani people hate the current government
When they compare Imran Khan’s government with the current government, they consider Imran Khan’s government very good
Today, on the one hand, people are worried about inflation, on the other hand, because of the decrease in exports, and due to the absence of dollars, investors cannot open LCs, due to which commercial goods are not coming and business is suffering from recession.
Overseas Pakistanis also like Imran Khan because during his tenure exports increased a lot, people were getting jobs in factories.
Overseas Pakistanis have reduced remittances from abroad after the coming of the current government

Government wants to get rid of Imran Khan but his popularity keeps rising

The chances of a deal with the International Monetary Fund are receding. Media regulators have banned the broadcast of the former prime minister’s speeches, while the High Court has ordered his arrest. Meanwhile, people are increasingly unhappy about the economic situation.

Pakistan’s media regulator on Sunday banned airing speeches by former Prime Minister Imran Khan and then suspended the licence of a television channel that defied the order.

On the same day, an arrest warrant was issued for Khan, who is also the leader of the Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), to ensure his presence in court where he is on trial for not disclosing gifts he received from foreign dignitaries. Despite this, his popularity is growing.

Against this background, Pakistan’s chances to strike a deal with the International Monetary Fund to save the country’s economy are receding.

On Sunday, Khan spoke in Lahore in which he again accused current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of corruption and claimed that the former army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, was responsible for his removal from office.

In April 2022, Pakistan’s parliament approved a no-confidence vote against Khan. His resignation led to the formation of a new government led by Sharif. Since then, the ousted prime minister has never stopped pushing conspiracy theories, lashing out at the “establishment” and calling for early elections, set for October this year.

In November 2022, during a protest, he was shot in the leg. Shortly afterwards the local governments of the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where the PTI enjoyed a large majority, were dissolved.

The Election Commission is expected to announce in the coming days when provincial elections will be held; for its part, the PTI claims that they are usually held together with federal elections.

The police sent to arrest the former prime minister in Lahore were prevented from carrying out their task by Khan supporters who surrounded his residence. As a result, he was not at today’s hearing.

Islamabad High Court reserved its ruling on Khan’s case ordering his legal team to set a date for his court hearing. His lawyers argue that Khan cannot appear in court because he already faces hearings in other cases.

In light of this and the attempt to undermine popular support for Imran Khan, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) late on Sunday banned television broadcasters from airing Khan’s speech in Lahore because he was “levelling baseless allegations and spreading hate speech through his provocative statements against state institutions and officers which is prejudicial to the maintenance of law and order and is likely to disturb public peace and tranquillity”.

As a result, private broadcaster Ary News, which defied the ban, had its license suspended.

These actions by the government designed to get rid of Imran Khan from the political scene are, however, having the opposite effect.

According to a Gallup Pakistan poll released today, the PTI leader’s approval rating rose to 61 per cent, while a good percentage (53 per cent), perhaps tired of political in-fighting, would be in favour of a technocratic government.

Meanwhile, a large part of the population is beginning to blame the government for the country’s economic woes.

Inflation could average 33 per cent in the first half of the year before dropping, this according to economic research firm Moody’s Analytics, while the consumer price index rose to 31.5 per cent last month, the highest figure in 50 years.

What is more, “an IMF bailout alone isn’t going to be enough to get the economy back on track. What the economy really needs is persistent and sound economic management,” said senior economist Katrina Ell cited by Reuters.

In early February, an IMF delegation left Islamabad without an agreement after 10 days of talks.

Imran Khan Popularity Soars Ahead of Vote, Pakistan Survey Shows

An opinion poll published by Gallup this week found that 62% of the 2,000 respondents blamed the Pakistan Democratic Movement that makes up government for the economic turmoil and inflation coming up to a six-decade high. Khan’s approval ratings in contrast jumped to 61% in February from 36% in January last year, polling data showed.

The PDM alliance, led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, had ousted Khan in April last year through a no-confidence vote, pushing the narrative that the former cricket captain had mismanaged the economy.

Shehbaz Sharif and his government have since made tough decisions to raise energy prices and taxes to revive a loan program with the International Monetary Fund. He has seen his popularity drop to 32% in February from 51% in January 2022.

“Imran Khan’s popularity rests on strong fundamentals of being a charismatic leader, giving slogans that resonate with the public while there is a vacuum in Pakistani politics,”said Bilal Gilani, Executive Director at Gallup Pakistan.

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