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As part of the Arab Media Summit 2024, the Dubai Media Council hosted a series of sessions featuring Emirati media pioneers who have made significant contributions to the local industry’s development.

The sessions, which stretched across the second Arab Youth Media Forum on 27 May and the 22nd Arab Media Forum held from 28-29 May, were aimed at celebrating the contributions of pioneers to the media sector. They also aimed to impart knowledge and experience to younger generations to boost the sector’s development.

The Dubai Media Pioneers sessions were organised as part of Dubai Media Council’s commitment to realising the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to recognise and value every contribution and effort that has driven the UAE’s progress and prosperity across all sectors, including media.

On this occasion, Her Excellency Nehal Badri, Secretary General of the Dubai Media Council, highlighted the significant and influential role played by Dubai’s media pioneers in establishing and developing the local media sector. She acknowledged their contributions to its development and growth, highlighting their impact on the current state of the media sector. “We hold the media legacy of these pioneers in high regard and hope it continues to inspire future generations of media professionals,” she said.

HE Badri said that the sessions hosted distinguished media professionals who have excelled in their fields and contributed significantly to the ongoing development of media in the UAE. The Dubai Media Council aims to strengthen the connection between young media professionals and the pioneers who have worked to build an advanced media sector that aligns with the UAE’s comprehensive progress, she noted. “The Council is committed to fostering effective communication between young media talent and the pioneering generation, enabling them to benefit from their rich expertise and experience. Achieving excellence in the future requires learning from the lessons of the past,” she said.

Hamda Alnajjar, Senior Executive of Project Management at the Dubai Media Council, said that the sessions held during the Arab Youth Media Forum and the Arab Media Forum presented an invaluable opportunity for youth to interact with prominent media professionals. The gathering provided a unique platform for aspiring professionals to engage with accomplished figures who have significantly shaped the industry and are committed to conveying meaningful messages to society, she noted.

She highlighted the significance of these gatherings for youth and the importance of absorbing experiences and lessons that can inspire them to strive for excellence in the media field. “At the Council, we are committed to launching initiatives aimed at equipping young media professionals with the necessary tools to enhance their involvement in shaping the future of media,” she said.

Dubai Media Pioneers Sessions

Sessions organised during the Arab Youth Media Forum featuring Dubai’s media pioneers, included: ‘The Art of Directing’ with director Khaled Habib Al Redha, ‘Starting Your Own Media Company’ with Abdullatif Alsayegh, Founder and Chairman of Al Sayegh Media Group, and ‘Sports Media’ featuring prominent sports journalist Mohammad Al Joker.

Meanwhile, the first day of the Arab Media Forum featured sessions such as ‘The Future of Media’ with renowned TV director Suhail Al Abdool, and ‘From Paper to Pixel: Writing Across Eras’ with author Ayesha Sultan.

On the second day of the Arab Media Forum, sessions included ‘Once A Storyteller, Always A Storyteller’ with Emirati journalist, photojournalist, and accomplished creative writer specialising in travel literature Mohammed bin Thani, and ‘Inspiring Stories’ featuring renowned presenter Thani Juma.


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