Iron Tribe –  Eve Collection Launch 


Iron Tribe –  Eve Collection Launch 

Dubai(News Desk) Iron Tribe, a UAE established and grown athleisure wear brand promises women style, versatility and high end durability with its new “Eve” collection.Launched in 2019, Iron Tribe is now bringing its latest women-only collection “Eve”.

The collection was created for the “social” athlete: the millennial urbanite who wants to create a look that can take them from a run on the beach or workout in the gym to making a fashion statement on a night out.Consisting of bold vibrant colours and aesthetic designs including seamless leggings that can be worn from the studio to the streets. A contemporary silhouette with clean lines “Eve” symbolises a collection that is made for ‘living’ using bold warm colours

Iron Tribe stands out from the crowd with the new “Eve” collection as it is designed to enable more support with the one shoulder sports bra thereby boosting its functionality.   A pull-over made in mesh and stretch fabric which can be worn for low to medium impact workouts like yoga or pilates.  Many of our ladies have worn this mesh top under a blazer and teamed with a pair of demons for a night out.

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An athleisure wear brand designed for urban warriors who can adapt quickly to the ever-changing needs of the moment without compromising on their athletic passion. We create fashion forward and functional clothing for busy consumers to help them transition through their urban journey.


Iron Tribe was founded in 2019 and was created to solve the modern day dilemma when it comes to finding comfortable yet classy gym and leisurewear clothing, quotes the founder Raj Pagarani. The brand was born in pursuit of  an all day garment that could easily be worn throughout the day with confidence and comfort. High street clothing and branded sportswear of other labels is not always functional  and active wear is not always trendy.

At Iron Tribe we aim to bridge the gap between creating clothes that are functional and stylish whilst saving on the most important commodity today in this region, that being time.

The current range includes sports bras, leggings, lounge sets, joggers, shorts, vests, hoodies and t-shirts.

We have plenty of product shots available for gift guides and are also happy to loan products for fashion photoshoots.



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