Get Ready to ‘High Five’ Your Way to Corporate Success


Get Ready to ‘High Five’ Your Way to Corporate Success

Author Jatin Sahni launches his book ‘High Five’ that unveils recipes for unparalleled employee engagement

  • ‘High Five’ consists of meticulously curated ingredients for success from over 28 years of corporate wisdom and experience.

  • High Five is the ultimate cookbook for organizations and line managers seeking to master the art of employee engagement.

  • High Five empowers organizations and leaders at every level with strategies  for maintaining exceptional levels of employee engagement.

Dubai(News Desk):;Brace yourselves for a culinary journey through the corporate world as ‘High Five’ emerges as the ‘ultimate cookbook’ for organizations and line managers seeking to master the art of employee engagement. With a promise to deliver a recipe for success that’s both easy to digest and guaranteed to yield a 100% engaged and triumphant team, High Five is set to revolutionize the way line managers approach workforce dynamics.

At an exclusive event held recently at Canopy by Hilton, author Jatin Sahni unravelled his first literary work called ‘High Five’ in the presence of senior corporate executives; business owners and media professionals.

The book consists of the right mix of ingredients, meticulously curated to concoct the perfect formula for a highly successful and engaged team. Drawing from over 28 years of corporate experience across diverse organizations and cultures, Jatin shares invaluable insights and golden nuggets of wisdom, providing budding leaders with the tools they need to steer their teams towards unprecedented levels of achievement and fulfillment. “High Five provides guaranteed recipes for 100% engaged and triumphant teams,” reckons the author.

While sharing incredible insights from his freshly-launched book, Jatin said, “High Five is more than just a book; it is a heartfelt dedication to the extraordinary individuals who have shaped my professional journey. It is a celebration of mentors, colleagues, and customers who have been instrumental in my growth, and a resounding high five to all those committed to fostering a culture of excellence.”From navigating the complexities of employee engagement to cultivating a workplace environment brimming with collaboration and success, High Five offers a refreshing approach that resonates with leaders at every level.

Smita Vaidya, Internal Audit Professional and an avid reader who has read the book remarked, “High Five is a rare treatise on a complex and dynamic subject like employee engagement….A complete compendium on the subject that not only makes us aware of the importance of employee engagement in corporate success but also provides us proven methodologies that can be easilyadapted across industries.”

High Five is available in leading bookstores in UAE and on Amazon. Readers are encouraged to know more about the book and share their reviews. The book can be ordered directly through the author’s dedicated website-

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