Expected Weather in the UAE During Eid al-Fitr Holiday – UAE


The National Center of Meteorology forecasts the weather during the blessed Eid al-Fitr holiday period from Monday, April 8th to Friday, April 12th, 2024, to be warm during the day and moderate to cool at night and in the early morning generally. It will be partly cloudy to occasionally cloudy as amounts of medium and high clouds increase over some areas of the country, with a chance of light rain at scattered intervals, especially on Tuesday, and a possibility of light to moderate rain on Friday. The weather will be humid on the coasts during the night and morning of Monday.

Winds will be mainly northeast to southeast, occasionally shifting to light to moderate northwest, occasionally becoming active.

The sea will be generally calm with occasional moderate waves in the Arabian Gulf and light waves in the Oman Sea.

Expected maximum temperatures during this period:

Coasts and islands: 29 – 35°C

Inland areas: 35 – 42°C

Mountainous areas: 21 – 29°C

Expected minimum temperatures during this period:

Coasts and islands: 19 – 25°C

Inland areas: 16 – 23°C

Mountainous areas: 14 – 20°C

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