Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority Celebrates Graduation of 4th Cohort


Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority Celebrates Graduation of Fourth Cohort from Beneficiary Empowerment Program


Initiative aims to enhance skills of social support beneficiaries in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in collaboration with Knowledge Group Consulting


Abu Dhabi(News Desk):: The Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (SSA) hosted the graduation ceremony for the fourth cohort of beneficiaries from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain enrolled in the program empowering them to develop key skills. Conducted in collaboration with Knowledge Group Consulting, a leader in vocational training and education, the program, now in its fourth edition, aimed to equip beneficiaries with essential skills to enter and compete in the job market. The graduation ceremonies took place at Abu Dhabi University campuses in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

As part of the ceremony, the Authority celebrated the graduation of 138 graduates from families benefiting from its social support programs. Over the course of eight weeks, the graduates participated in a diverse array of expert-led lectures and training workshops totaling 225 hours, covering English language proficiency, essential workplace skills, information technology, project management, CV preparation and interview skills. This brought the total number of beneficiaries who completed the program to 453 by the end of the fourth cohort.

In the presence of the graduates’ families, His Excellency Abdulla Al Ameri, Director General of Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, along with SSA executive directors, presented certificates of program completion to the graduates. The program provided them with an opportunity to improve their present and future prospects through hard work and perseverance, enabling them to secure a sustainable source of income.

His Excellency Abdulla Al Ameri said: “At SSA, we continue to build productive partnerships within our social safety network to fulfil the aspirations of Abu Dhabi’s social sector, while empowering beneficiary family members based on their individual needs and capabilities. Today, the empowerment programs offered by the Authority have become a launching pad for many beneficiaries to enter the job market, and we are keen to diversify our offerings and align them with the job market requirements to enhance their chances of securing permanent employment. We extend our best wishes to the graduates of this batch, and encourage them to continue their positive participation to achieve family stability and financial independence, thereby building a more successful and prosperous future.”

For his part, His Excellency Qasim Al Hashimi, Executive Director of Beneficiary Affairs at SSA, said: “We congratulate all graduates and their families for their commitment and diligent efforts in improving their skills and capabilities. In addition to enhancing their prospects to join the job market, this will help them achieve stability and financial independence for themselves and their families. At SSA, we are committed to providing quality-focused programs in partnership with our partners to support beneficiaries, and their active engagement motivates us to offer more innovative and impactful empowerment programs in future.”The empowerment program, facilitated by Knowledge Group Consulting, aims to develop participants’ skills in English language, workplace readiness, information technology, project management, CV preparation and interview, empowering them to become competent candidates for employment opportunities in the job market.

Dr. Ahmad Badr, CEO of Knowledge Group Consulting, said: “We are proud of our distinguished partnership with SSA, as well as the opportunity to contribute to empowering its beneficiaries and enhancing their employability. This will bolster their ability to achieve social stability and financial independence.”

Speaking on behalf of his fellow graduates in Abu Dhabi, Shehab Rashid commended the program organizers for equipping graduates with the skills that align with their ambitions to play a positive and responsible role within their families, society and nation. He expressed happiness in achieving this milestone, recognizing its importance in enhancing beneficiaries’ practical skills and experiences necessary for their successful integration into the job market.

For her part, Maitha Ishaq Abdullah Al Madani delivered a speech on behalf of her fellow graduates in Al Ain, expressing her gratitude to SSA and Knowledge Group Consulting, highlighting the importance of their efforts in helping the beneficiaries overcome the obstacles hindering their ability to achieve stability and financial independence. Maitha noted that proactive engagement with SSA’s empowerment programs and employment opportunities has been key to building a more secure future for the program participants.

SSA is committed to ensuring that its empowerment initiatives align with its strategic objectives of providing tailored support to those in need by equipping them with the skills, training, and educational and job-oriented programs. In collaboration with the Knowledge Group Consulting, it has graduated a total of 315 students across the program’s second and third cohorts.-Ends-


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